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Watering Plants - Kids Activity


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I love gardening and I am very interested in vegetable garden. I never miss to plant cilantro, fenugreek and mint every summer. With an attempt to keep my daughter occupied, I asked her to sow the seeds, then cover it with mud and then start watering them. To my surprise, she just loved doing that. So, I made her water the plants everyday and she never said NO to it.

Such activities help kids concentrate on one object. When they take water in a cup to water the pots, they give work to their brain - how much water should I use? which pot should I water first? did this pot get enough water? I should now move on to the next pot? Did I water all the pots? The leaves look so beautiful. Look at the shape, the color, the feel etc etc. They also learn that plants are living things and water is their food. They start learning so much even before starting school.

I found that this is a great activity for kids and I request you to try it with your friends. Please do share your experiences.


The Right Way of teaching small Kids about caring! My grand son of 3 yrs too does this.... A nice Post!

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