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Egg Carton Project / Egg Carton Caterpillar

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Egg Carton Projects / Painting

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My daughter loves to paint. So, inorder to keep my daughter (3yr 1 month old) engaged, I cut the egg carton into pieces and gave her. She selected the paint colors of her choice and started painting the egg carton. I could see she was enjoying every minute of this activity and she learnt to paint into the creases or the uneven surfaces of the carton. 

I am planning use these colored bits into making some more projects. Will be posting them shortly.

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Happy Valentine's Day - I Love You Daddy

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Today my daughter is 3yrs and 1 month old.
This is the first greeting card my daughter made for her dad for Valentine's Day :)
We both had a great time making this Valentine's Day card and my daughter was super joyed and felt a great sense of proud achievement when she completed the card.
When she gave the card to her dad, the expression on her face and her dad's face was something I will cherish for the years to come.

Please keep your children engaged in such activities. It helps develop concentration, motor skills and helps children to feel the true meaning of happiness and pride and achievements. Thank you.

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