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Baby Skin - Importance of Almond Oil and Olive Oil ,


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A Baby is the purest form of living being and so is his/her skin. Hence, its our responsibility to use all pure ingredients to maintain his/her skin. From ages, our ancestors have insisted on massaging with pure baby oil. Massaging is a great way of showing your love and care for your baby. It helps soothe the baby. It also aids digestion and aids good muscle formation and bone development. Hence, we have to use the best of baby oil for massages. When we think of pure oils for massaging and skin care, coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil definitely strikes our mind because of the below mentioned benefits.

Benefits of Almond Oil -
Almond oil is a rich source of Vitamin E. Hence, it is a very powerful cosmetic ingredient.
Excellent natural moisturizer/emollient. Hence, has been traditionally used by massage therapists for massages to lubricate skin.
Skin absorbs Almond oil quickly and it does not clog the pores on the skin, hence helps keep it healthy.
Excellent for dry skin treatment.
Excellent for treating dark circles.
Makes skin softer.
It has no side effects as it is a natural oil.

Benefits of Olive Oil -
Olive Oil is considered as the most healthiest oil for both the body and skin.
It is rich is Vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. Hence, it is a very important cosmetic ingredient.
It partly helps skin from UV light.
It helps restore skin smoothness.
It does not clog pores, hence it is an excellent moisturizer.
It is used for skin exfoliation.
It has no side effects like commercial moisturizers hence extremely preferable.

Hence, we should use natural oils especially for babies as they are so gentle and sensitive.

My mother helped me with massaging my daughter everyday. She would sit on the floor with her legs stretched out and she would make my daughter lay down on her legs. She would then slowly pour droplets of homemade baby oil on her hands, legs etc and would slowly massage her and my daughter used to enjoy these sessions. She would laugh and giggle and my mother would sing to her or talk to her while she did that so it was such a great lovable massage session. My mother would then give gentle exercises for her hands and legs and would allow her to lay down for about 15mins. Then, she would give her a nice warm bath and then my daughter would sleep like an angel.  The most awesome 30mins which my daughter just loved.

One of the most trusted brands in India – Dabur has launched a new massage oil for babies that is designed to give the most benefits to the delicate skin of babies. The good news is that it is free from harmful parabens and paraffins which are detrimental to a baby’s health. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is enriched with the natural goodness of olive and almond oil. This oil nourishes the baby’s skin and regular massage with this oil is known to help develop the baby’s muscle fast and enhances quicker bone formation. The Oil has also been dermatologically tested for skin safety.

I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur . The topic for this article being "Write about how the goodness of Almond and Olive oils keep the newness of the skin alive."


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