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High level Over-view of the book "My Weird School"

Comments (0) | Sunday 12 September 2021

 This book is about a kid named AJ (actual name is Arlo Jervis) who hates school. His two best friends are Ryan ( who eats everything even stuff that isn't food) and Michael ( he never ties his shoes). And there is this girl that AJ  thinks is annoying and her name is Andrea. Andrea has a friend named Emily. AJ calls Emily Andrea's equally annoying cry baby. AJ sometimes call Andrea I-know-it-all Andrea. There are about 21 books of my weird school. The author is Dan Gutman and pictures by Jim Paillot 

Miss Daisy Is Crazy! (My Weird School, #1) by Dan Gutman.

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Green Bean and Apple Puree for babies

Comments (2) | Saturday 17 September 2016

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Apple Puree for Babies / Apple Sauce for babies

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Green Beans Puree for Babies / Green Beans Puree / Baby Food

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Solving Puzzles with Family / Family Time with Kids

Comments (0) | Sunday 21 August 2016

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Peeling Egg Shells - Kid's Activity

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Baby Food - guide to month wise Solid food consistency

Comments (0) | Thursday 18 August 2016

My 2nd daughter is almost 5 months old and her paediatrician gave the below information and asked me to start solids with consistency as mentioned below. I have put this information on my blog as is so that I can refer it from time to time and with the hope that it will help some of my friends and readers. Good luck!

Please note: every child is different and there is no rule set in stone. Please use judgement and your doctor's advice always. 

The below is in this format:

  • Solid Food Texture: Age (Months) : Example
  • Thin purée (runs off spoon in s thin column, no texture or grit) : 5-61/2 months : commercial tomato sauce
  • Medium purée (runs off spoon in a thick column) : 61/2 - 7 months : pancake mix
  • Thick purée ( can be eaten with a spoon but not with a fork. Plops off spoon but does not hold it's shape, texture is very small, can be felt when rubbed between fingers, textured pieces are uniform in size) : 7-8 months : apple sauce or yogurt 
  • Finely fork mashed : 8-9 months : cooked instant oatmeal 
  • Soft bite sized cubes (turn into a purée with up/down pressure) : 10 months : over cooked pasta and vegetables , soft/ripened fruits, avocado, cheese
  • Fork mashed (grossly mashed with fork, has quite a bit of texture) : 10-11 months : egg salad, mashed potshots
  • Soft mechanical (breaks apart in mouth easily) : 11-12 months : muffins, pastas, Mac and cheese, soft chicken nuggets, fish sticks, French fries, cooked egg, meat balls.

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