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Start Of A New Life With My Soul Mate


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This is my story of how I decided to #StartANewLife.

I found my husband on a matrimony website. At the time, he was working abroad and I was working in a multinational company as a software professional in India. I liked his profile on the matrimony website and chatted with him to get to know him better. My father hates anything online and has zero belief in technology. Reading about some terrible incidents, he made up his mind that meeting people online is dangerous and those people are big thugs. So, I took my time to be totally sure that I am talking to a right person. There was something that made me feel positive about this alliance and I continued chatting for a few more weeks. My confidence level went up everyday. I then forwarded this proposal to my father and asked him to check from his end. In the meantime, I kept chatting with him and started falling in love with him. This was totally scary as well because I had never met him in person. I only saw him on skype, spoke to him over phone and chatted with him on my laptop but I could not help but fall for him. My father was not much in favor of this proposal for the very reason that he was working abroad and he wanted someone in India. I was also checking into possibilities that incase I get married to him, I should be able to keep my job so I tried a lot to take a transfer to an onsite location where my husband lived but it didn't happen and I was being offered to take up a project at a location which was about 5 hours via a local flight away from my husband's work location. I was in a big dilemma if I should take up this position but was worried that this might not be right for my personal life. But at the same time, I didn't want to leave my job, my parents, my country and go away with a kind of a stranger. All this was very scary. After a long thought, my heart told me strongly that he is the right person and that if I am happy in my personal life, I can again make a great career but not vice versa. So, I took a bold step of accepting this alliance, resigning my job, leaving my parents and my country and going to a completely new country. By God's grace dad agreed as well. After going abroad, I joined a part time job so I could stay with my husband. Slowly, with the new experiences I was gaining, I then got a job in my field and I was almost again on track with my career. A wonderful personal life with my husband and a great career as well. Thanks to God for asking me to go ahead with what my heart said and helping me have a great start to a great life.

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