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Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao


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I, like any other middle class girl has been brought up with deepest care by my parents and was giving the best education. Whenever I wished to step out of home, my parents would accompany me almost everywhere to safeguard me till I got married. So, I started expecting the same treatment from my husband. We moved abroad after marriage as a part of my husband's job. It was a new environment and new culture for me. Seeing all the women abroad - their dressing style, their spoken English, their outlook towards life etc I started feeling less of myself. My husband was totally unaware of all this.

One day, my husband asked to rejoin job. I was alarmed even thinking how would I give interviews and why would anybody select a simple girl like me for their company. I hesitated to even upload my resume to job sites. My husband slowly understood but never pressurized me.

I had never worn western outfits earlier and I had no intentions of wearing them as well because I felt that my body is not fit for that. I would look at all those outfits in the show case in malls and stare at it but never buy them. My husband noticed it and slowly made me change my dressing style, my hair style and I felt so happy seeing myself in the mirror. I always wanted to do all this but lacked the confidence to do so. 

Today, I felt so much more confident. I kept thinking, "Is it the dress?". But, you know what, the true answer is "I started seeing the world through my husband's eyes". The confidence he had in me was showing up. 

Slowly I started my job search. After a period, I got my job. My first job abroad!!! I could not believe myself.  Days went, months went and it was time for me to leave as we were heading back to India. On my last day at work, my boss himself walked me out of the office door and gave me a BIG hug and said "If you ever wish to come back, please give me a call. I am very proud that I hired you". 

Thanks to my parents for providing me the best education and etiquette and a BIG THANKS to my husband for inducing the confidence that I really needed. 

Today, I know I can do anything and do it well. Hdfclife is doing a similar job to most lives around the world, good job!

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