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Being TOGETHER with Family


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Before marriage, my family and I used to live in a city because of my dad's job. After my marriage, I went away to my husband's place and my dad got retired and moved to our village. It is a very very small village with greenary everywhere and no traces of technology/internet. It was about 5 years since I had visited my village and stayed with my parents post my marriage. Fortunately, by God's grace, things worked out and I got to surprise my parents in the village. The look on my parents' face that day is just imprinted in my brain and can never get washed away. My parents were even more happy because they got to see my 1 year old daughter. This was my daughter's first visit to our village.

As I stepped inside my home, I saw that my parents had brought all my childhood dolls, trophies, books etc and had kept it safely. As I saw each of them, all my childhood memories flashed in front of me. For some reason, I seemed to have forgotten all those. Ah! I was so nostalgic. I took my daughter through all those things and started telling her tales behind each of those things. She is just 1 year old but still I talked for long about everything. I then went into the backyard of my home and saw that mom had made a big vegetable garden and a place for cooking with logs. It was just a perfect village home. I used to hate all this when I was little because there was no TV, no automatic hot water from the tap, no internet, no fashion but I was loving the same now. I felt so peaceful.

That night when we were getting ready to sleep, dad started killing all the mosquitoes with the mosquito bat. My daughter kept observing and found the bat very fascinating. She then started playing "peek a boo" with her grandfather with it. My depressed retired father who was just recovering from a surgery he started smiling and laughing again when my daughter played with him.
I had all tears seeing that. It felt like my daughter was slowly washing away all his mental and bodily pain.

The next morning, I got up and saw that my daughter had already woken up and she was helping her grandfather sweep the backyard!! And then, both started playing in the mud, making designs on the mud. Before this, my daughter never really got a chance to play with mud so it was all so fascinating for her.

Post lunch, we visited the vegetable market and it was so refreshing to see my dad walk hand in hand with my daughter.

In the evening, my daughter got to see my dad's hard earned rice farm, the village bulls, cows and goats. She was so thrilled. It was like the "Old McDonald's Farm" she used to see in her rhymes.

The next day, we went to meet my maternal grand mother in the neighboring village. My daughter got to meet her great grand mother!!!

This trip was even more historical because my younger brother-in-law visited us for the first time after marriage. So, the meal we had together is something we would cherish forever in our life.

Earlier, I was trying so hard to buy a huge home with so many rooms etc but our budget never allowed us to do so. So, I was always depressed about it and had almost lost hope. But this visit to my village taught me a lot. It taught me that happiness is where our heart is and no amount of money could buy us this happiness. It again gave me hope and when I left, I was so happy, peaceful, calm and filled with optimism towards life. This is indeed the power of being #together!

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