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Favorite Singapore Food - Get Blown Away with each Take Away


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Cuisine and ethnicity go so much hand in hand. Singapore is one of God's handcrafted island nation which has sheltered people from diverse ethnicity and continues to lure more people towards herself everyday. Hence, the Singaporean cuisine is a mix of diverse ethnicity like Malay, India, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Middle East.

Singaporean people have a great appetite and love for food and their food is to die for. We could easily say "GET BLOWN AWAY, WITH EACH TAKE AWAY".

Its extremely unjust to pick one food but if I am asked to, my choice would be Goreng pisang (Banana Fritters) for starters,  Chili Crab for the main course and Ice kachang for Dessert is THE BEST Singaporean Meal.

Goreng pisang (Banana Fritters) is of Malay influence. Banana is deep fried so it caramalizes well making it even more sweeter but I love it even more when it is deep fried enclosed within a tasty crispy batter.

Chili Crab dish is made with the best chosen meaty juicy crabs. The crab is stir fried and cooked in a tomato based sauce which is a combination of various tastes like sweet, savory and spicy, hence the word "sexy" suits well for this dish. It is usually served with buns called as Mantou. As we eat this dish, the spicy sauce tends to splash but no body cares about it and they just use the mantou to clear the splash and relish the mantou. The Chili Crab and Mantou are a great classic combination which never fails.

Ice kachang is the shaved ice dessert which is the perfect end to a great Singaporean meal. It is somewhat like the golas in India but it has hidden goodies within the colorful syrup drenched shaved ice which could be red beans and cubed jellies. Yummy!

According to my taste bud, this is the best dish of Singapore to get Totally Blown Away. And hence, I standby my slogan "Get Blown Away with Every Take Away".

According to my husband "Where angels SING and food is PURE...that is take away from SINGaPORE" :-)

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