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De-skinning Soaked Almonds - Kid's Activity


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Whenever I remember, I soak almonds over night, peel it the next morning and give it to my family members as its great for health and memory.

In-order to keep my kid occupied, I asked her to peel the almonds for me and she did it with extreme interest and concentration because :

  • She takes great pleasure in helping me. 
  • She feels useful to me.
  • She feels victorious when she accomplishes the task.
  • She feels elated and thrilled when I praise her for doing a neat job. 
Slowly, I realized that this task made her sit in one place for as long as she finished it and it also helped improve her concentration which is extremely required as she grows up while studying at school etc. It also improved her eye-hand co-ordination / motor skills. 

So I absolutely recommend parents to try out such tasks at home. My kid enjoyed it and I am sure yours will as well. 


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