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Dry baby, happy baby


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My daughter is now 2 years old. She is extremely naughty, extremely active and very interested in reading, painting, watering the plants and assisting me in kitchen.

Whenever I make dough, in her sweet innocent voice, she says "Mommy, I mix mix, please please" and then irrespective of what I say she just digs in and mixes. In the end, seeing the flour all over the floor and her face, she will happily say "Mommy, look look......mommy, hand wash". She has been doing mixing the dough since she was 1 year and 3 months old and she seems to be so engaged and relaxed when she does that. I feel so happy, so emotional and satisfied seeing her expressions and smile.

During summers, I love to grow my own tiny vegetable garden. Its my favorite hobby. I never realized that my daughter would also love it. Everyday, without my reminder, she would water my plants. And the surprising thing was that she would not tamper with the plants. With so much care, she would slowly pour water to each and every plant. Guess she watched me do it. While she did this, again, I could see that she would be so happy that her smile would say it all. This activity improved her concentration and motor skills.

One day, my daughter came to me and said  "Mommy, sit sit, sit here. I do water paint". She wanted me to sit next to her while she painted with water color. Initially, she would paint all over the paper but now slowly, she has learnt to get a grip on her fingers/paint brush and her painting has improved so much. I noticed, that this task also improved her concentration and motor skills. Her fingers were so much in her control now so I realized that this is a great activity for her brain as well because the brain is signalling her to move her paint brush within a certain area. Its an awesome task. And after finishing painting a page, I could sense her moral boosted. Its always so much joy to see my little one happy.

So for my daughter to feel comfortable doing all the activities including jumping, running, sleeping etc, pampers diaper played a great role as well. I have used diaper from the day my daughter was born and she is using it even today. This diaper is made in such a way that it keeps her dry for a long time and rash free. At night, especially, its a great blessing because it has helped my daughter sleep peacefully. Today, I am training my daughter for potty training and pampers pants are coming in so much handy. So a big thank you to Pampers for making kid's life and hence parent's life peaceful.

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