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#ChooseToStart with The new Moto E


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When I was a in primary school, I remember hand written letter being the most  common means of communication while incase of emergency, we used to run to the phone booth, insert coins, dial the number and talk as loudly as possible. When I reached college,we could afford to have a BSNL land line at home. But, in order to control the phone bill, my dad used to put a lock on it and he would allow us to use it only in case of extreme emergency. When I got my first job, I bought the cheapest available phone which could had only two main features - calls and SMS. I always used to hope that someday, I will have a better phone in my hand. Knowing about this, after several years, my younger sister gifted me a much better version of what I had which had many more features including camera!!! She saved up her salary and got me that phone. I didn't loose a moment and took a million pictures (maybe). And then, my husband gifted me my first real smart phone for our first wedding anniversary. He could never gift wrap but since I loved gifts being wrapped, he must have tried a lot to achieve this. On my anniversary day, I got up from bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When I was done, I opened the door to come out and saw this wonderfully hand wrapped gift on the bathroom door step. I picked it up and it was my first smart phone with a red mobile cover!!! We can really never forget our firsts no matter what.

The most important feature for me in any phone is the camera. I used this phone to click my newly married life's ceremonies, selfies of birthdays that my husband and I celebrated together, selfies of the first time I made my husband put a face mask like mine :), photos of various stages of my pregnancy, my daughter's new born photo, my daughters first turn over, my daughter's first crawl, my daughter's first baby steps, my daughter's first painting, my daughter's first potty, our first visit to my parent's home with my daughter, my daughter's first trip to all my relatives' homes, my daughter's first cry, my daughter first laughter, my daughter's first birthday, my daughter's first christmas, my daughter's first mundan ceremony. I could just go on and on.

I have also taken videos of some precious moments like my husband washing vessels, my husband making lunch (chicken masala, chole masala), my daughter's laughter while my husband rocked her on his tummy, my daughter helping me mix dough in kitchen, my daughter watering my plants, my husband and daughter dancing together, my daughter sweeping the backyard with her grand father, my daughter's first visit to the village vegetable market with her grand parents, meeting my younger sister for the first time after her marriage at the airport, my parents shedding tears as they bid me good bye on my journey back to my new home.

My expectations from my ideal  phone are that it should be:

  1. Economical
  2. Light weight
  3. Sleek
  4. Strong Casing and Inbuilt Screen Protector
    • As a mother of a little baby, I tend to drop my phone while handling other things so it should not be so delicate that it cracks instantly.
    • Water resistant.
  5. Great battery power.
    • As a mother of a little baby, last thing I want to worry is to charge my phone every other hour.
  6. Should easily fit in my pocket. 
    • As a mother, i already have to carry my baby, diaper bag etc so I don't want to carry a heavy weight huge seize phone.
  7. Front and rear facing camera with great clarity.
    • For taking photos including selfies and video calls.
  8. Very good economically available Internal Storage Size.
    • Good enough to help store a few good videos and photos forever.
  9. Should support ear phones.
    • As a mother, I have to handle my baby and cannot always have a free hand to hold the phone.
  10. Good Internet Connectivity.
    • I tend to do my blog work on the go and check my social media websites on the go.
    • Whatsup is a great great blessing too.
  11. Good Keypad
    • The cut, copy, paste feature should be very good.
    • I prefer only one character per key.
  12. ry good camera, memory, Our life is short, unpredictable and full of ups and downs. So, I believe in making the most of it. I love to capture all the special moments so I can cherish them later. So, for me, my phone should have a very good camera with very good pixel  and my phone helped me capture all those moments which is now part of my life forever.

Features in the new Moto E:

  1. Economical :
    • Made for budget minded customers and first time smartphone users.
  2. Sleek and light weight
  3. Superb powerful Battery:
    • New and improved.
    • For full usage, the battery tends to go full day!
  4. Excellent Camera:
    •   5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a second camera in front, making it perfect for selfies or video calls with family and friends. 
  5. Amazing colorful look.
    • Comes in various attractive colors - turquoise, raspberry.
  6. Water resistant coating on phone.
  7. Excellent memory storage space.
    • Facility to put additional memory.
  8. Improved processor for improved speed.
  9. Great Internet connectivity:
    • paired it with the best network in the world.

The new Moto E fits most of my requirements and Moto E has built the phone keeping in mind that the mobile internet should be a choice, not a privilege. Sounds like an extremely well researched and well executed phone keeping the common man's financial situation and needs in mind, hence,  I am definitely planning on trying this phone and forwarding my reviews to my friends and family.

The above post is written for Motorola for the topic " what you would #ChooseToStart with the  new Moto E!"


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