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UC Browser - Surf it All! Surf it Fast!


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Human life has seen some drastic changes over the years, of-course with its own pros and cons. We are today living in a Electronic Era where everything is travelling at lightning speed. If we stand stir on one side of the road for even half an hour, our eyes will move from left to right like in a tennis match numerous times and would feel a pendulum effect. So, to match up to this fast life and with an attempt to make life easier, there are millions of inventions everyday.

The evolution of mobile phones is a classic example. Today, it feels like, even a newborn baby is born with a smartphone. The whole world is on our fingertips just by carrying the smartphone around in our pockets. It seems to be made so affordable, so light and so full of information. Be it booking a movie ticket or buying a grocery item online or pairing up with buddies and playing games online.

Since smartphone has become an essential commodity, inventors are making a number of mobile apps and browsers and improving existing features etcetera to help people and improve their business eventually. So, today's new invention I hear is the UC Browser.

When we use a mobile application, the browser is what we see infront of us. It has to be attracting, simple, easy to use and fast. These are some common features which a layman wants inorder to interest him in using the mobile app. Hence, the mobile app companies strive hard to come up with the best browser to attract maximum customers.

The UC Browser comes as a huge relief to all cricket loves which means all of India because Cricket is a force like no other in our country. It tempts us to skip work, postpone family get-togethers, bunk tuition, and sometimes even cancel a date.

The UC Browser is a relief for the cricket fans because of the following advantages:
  • It has an updated cricket service, UC Cricket
  • Its a One-stop cricket information hub :
    • UC Cricket is an one-stop cricket information hub providing live scores, previews, commentaries, news, interviews, stats, photos, videos and more. It’s easily accessible with a single click on UC Browser’s home page (see screenshots below).
  • It has a sweet match reminder and an optimized comment section:
    •  To make sure you can follow a series religiously, UC Cricket provides a reminder feature that will send you a notification before every match. 
    • Simply click on the yellow bell on the right (see screenshot below) to follow your favorite match, and you will receive an alert 15 minutes before the match begins - even if you have exited UC Browser completely! 
    • Note: match reminder feature is only available on UC Browser 9.9.0 for Android or later.
    • In addition, while enjoying the matches, cricket fans around the world are also able to exchange their thoughts and opinions with each other via the Comment Section. You can customize your ID, and use emoji/emoticons to better interact with other cricket fans. 
    • Also, it’s extremely easy to check out your friends’ replies.
  • Available on Android and Iphone.
  • Last but not the least - UC Browser is FAST. Hence the tag line - Surg it All Surf it Fast. 

Image Source - Here

Video Source - Youtube

YV promoting UC! Sounds awesome isn't it. We are a great fan of UV and its nice to see UV promoting this new UC Browser. Am sure that the innumerous number of fans would definitely give UC Browser and a try and will keep it in their favourite list. Good going UV and all the best to UC :) 

This post is a part of UC Browser and UC Cricket for the topic "how you could stay connected to the game while not missing out on all the little things that make life worth while" . You can find more details on google + and twitter  @UCBrowserIndia with the hashtag #YuviSurfsUC.


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