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Khushi Ke Pal - Khuljaye Bachpan


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Childhood is the foundation for the future. If we wish for a strong, safe, happy, pleasant and promising future, then accordingly we have to invest on the childhood. We keep hearing in news that a brand new skyscraper built by renowned builders collapsed due to weak foundation made with cheap cement. This analogy directs applies to childhood. The investment for childhood that we talk about is not just financially. A child needs lots of love and support from his family, friends and society to become a strong, fearless, righteous and loving personality. Children must be allowed to live in their world of imagination, a world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, a world where a unicorn is a child's best friend. Children must be allowed to be able to help their parents in watering plants, baking etc. Children must be allowed to be children. Children must be allowed to make mistakes. At the same time, parents who are a child's first human encounter on earth must be a great friend who allows children to make mistakes but helps them understand the consequences.

Role of a Father on a Child:
My daughter is 2.5 years old and my husband is 30+ years old. But, I am so glad that when my husband is spending time with my daughter, I don't seem to see that huge age difference. The laughter/giggle on my daughter's face and the sudden rush of energy in my husband is just the thing I dreamt my child should get. He is the best example of a daddy buddy :-) This is just the start and in the coming years, my daughter will look at her father as her best buddy with whom she will feel free to share everything. This is Khuljaye Bachpan for me. I am proud that my husband is doing his part.

Role of a Mother on a Child: 
I am a stay home mom and spend a lot of time in kitchen. My daughter would never allow me out of her sight so I thought of engaging her in all the activities I do howmuch ever possible. Whenever I ask her to help me, she feels so happy and feels useful and this boosts her confidence and slowly we both now seem to share a strong emotional connection. I am sure this will grow stronger and stronger with time and this will definitely help her in her future life. This is Khuljaaye Bachpan for me. I hope I am doing my part.

Role of a Happy Family on a Child:
Kids learn from what they see. We don't have to sit and teach them everything. They follow the policy of "Observe and Learn". I realised this when my 2.5 year old daughter has already started imitating everything I do.
Divorce leads to not only splitting on a couple but splitting of a family. Kids are impacted the most in their emotional development which slowly impacts their adulthood. Happy Family is a Happy Child and hence a Happy Future in the making. Khuljaye Bachpan!

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Role of a teacher, school, sports and education on a Child: 
The role of a teacher is extremely crucial in a child's life. The teacher who provides the right direction to children are actually doing much much more worth than their salary. They are performing the role of grooming the future. The education they provide via books or sports is something nobody can ever repay. Teacher is considered equivalent to God. Hence, hope the teachers who are misusing their power and pushing the kids towards darkness will understand their part towards Khuljaye Bachpan.

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Role of Society towards a Child:
“Child slavery is a crime against humanity. Humanity itself is at stake here." -- Indian Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi.
In the picture below, we see a little girl and boy working hard to make a living. For a quick moment, let's try to imagine our kids' face on their faces. How does it feel? Un-imaginable, isn't it? Kya iss se Khulega Bachpan??
Just to get cheap labor, kids are being employed at home/factories against the Child Labor Laws. People who employ them and people who are aware of this, both are at fault. Every child deserves to be a child and every individual in the society has to pledge and work against Child Labor/Slavery.

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Role of a Friend towards a Child:
How much ever we tried, our daughter who is 2.5 yrs old now would never sleep in her baby bed. One day we had a get together with some close friends and they have a daughter too of the same age as of my daughter. When she was sleepy , she slept in my daughter's baby bed because she has a practice of sleeping in her bed on her own. To our big big surprise, from the next day onwards, our daughter automatically started going to her bed. This miracle happened after just by looking at her good friend.

This was a real life example but it has such a big learning. Irrespective of age, kids get influenced (good or bad) by their friends instantly. So, I hope every friend understands his/her responsibility and helps maintain the honor of this sacred relationship.

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To conclude, at this early age in life, kids are like clay and parents/teachers/friends/society are like the potters. So, its our responsibility to shape it right so that children have an meaningful, happy, fearless life and a life where they are ready to face the challenges in the right spirit. This is how we can contribute towards "Khuljaye Bachpan" and be proud of ourselves that we have done our part for the society before we go to our grave. Jai Hind!

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I agree with you - childhood is the foundation and let the kids be kids. Beautifully written and presented.

All the very best. :)

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