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Importance of Baby Oil


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Say "NO" to Chemicals

According to me, a baby is a perfect human being with the purest heart who knows no corruption and with the most innocent and loving eyes which can make even make a monster feel week on his knees. A baby has the most magical and smooth complexion and hence the term "baby skin" is used as a complement for adults. I have heard and read about all this but experienced it for the first time when I held my new born in my arms for the first time. The first look at her made me shed tears of joy and all the child birth pain memories were erased magically instantly. The first time I touched her, sent cool and pleasant signals throughout my body, it felt so smooth. God must have really spent a lot of time making such a magical being , a baby.

As a mother, I felt obliged to keep my daughter's skin intact till whenever possible. So, I would listen to my parents, grand-parents and every other adult I knew and take all the skin care tips and tricks from them.

From the day my daughter was born, my mother would use homemade baby oil to massage her. She insisted on the purity of baby oil as baby's skin is most sensitive and has to be treated with un-adulterated oil, hence she prefered using homemade baby oil. Baby oil nourishes and moisturises baby's skin and also helps strengthen their growing bones. She would massage my daughter everyday with baby oil and my daughter used to enjoy those personal massage sessions.

Artificial colors and chemicals in baby oil can be extremely harmful to kids' skin and hence their health. They can form a thin layer on the baby skin and it can clog the pores, which slows the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins. Our skin plays a large role in the body’s detoxification through sweat. If pores are blocked, the toxins remain in the body for a longer period of time. This alone can be harmful. Hence, as parents, I feel that we should collectively take the first step by preferring homemade and later choosing the right products for our kids.

Dabur is one such great baby product which can be a bliss for parents and their kids. Dabur Baby does not encourage the use of any form of artificial colours, paraffins, and parabens. Dabur Baby Massage Oil is a unique blend of premium natural oils like - Olive & Almond which provide the baby the required nourishment. Olive is known to help provide nourishment to the baby’s skin, while Almond is known to gently moisturize your baby’s delicate skin making it soft and supple. Dabur Baby products are Paraffin and Paraben Free.

In today's world, everybody wants instant profit and somehow very sadly they are ready to do anything towards this cause. Can you imagine, baby products being adulterated for making money? Don't we all have any moral responsibility towards our future generation's good health? I sincerely hope the day will come when people will learn to differentiate good from bad and will learn to make profit the right way without harming the living race. Let's make the world a beautiful and safe place to live in. Jai Hind!

I am participating in the #FirstLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Dabur . The topic for this article being "Write about the benefits that a baby’s skin has because of the natural ingredients in the oil. Also talk about how these oils keep the baby’s skin away from artificial colors and chemicals."


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