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Important Tip for Parents -- Teach your kids not to kiss or allow anybody to touch them inappropriately from a tender age itself.


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Yesterday, two girl friends came home for the first time with their toddler girls. Their girls are almost the same age as mine. Inorder to make the kids get closer, one girl friend asked her daughter to hug and kiss the other kid. I thought it was sweet but there is an important learning here which the second girlfriend taught us.

Second Girlfriend asked first girlfriend "Would you ask your baby girl to kiss even if it was a boy instead of a girl?".

First girlfriend immediately said "NO. Then I am teaching her something wrong."

Second Girlfriend said "Then why are you asking your baby girl to kiss another baby girl? Kids don't understand gender at this tender age. If we ask them to kiss another person now, they will think it is the right thing to do and will do the same with all. So, it is important to advice them generically irrespective of genders. We should instruct our baby girls from a young age not to kiss anybody or allow them to touch them on their bare body".

This was such an eye opener for us (new moms). Hence, I thought of updating this in my blog so it helps other mom's.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thank you.


True, we should try not to allow anyone to be very close to our kids.Its a very tough task to tell and make people in the surroundings understand the same,as they think we are being cold/arrogant.but with the incidents happening nowadays we should make it a point to make people understand.

Completely agree on this. Kids should understand the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

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