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Guide to Introduction to Solid Food as per my pediatrician


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My 2nd daughter is almost 5 months old and her paediatrician gave the below information and asked me to start solids for her accordingly. I have put this information on my blog as is so that I can refer it from time to time and with the hope that it will help some of my friends and readers. Good luck!

Please note: every child is different and there is no rule set in stone. Please use judgement and your doctor's advice always. 

5-6 months:

  • Start with iron fortified single grain like rice cereals, oat cereals and wheat cereals.
  • Start with 1-3 tsp once a day and increase to 2-4 tbsp twice a day.
  • Purées of cooked meat poultry or fish, tofu, legumes (chick peas, lentils, kidney beans) well cooked and mashed 1-3 tbsp per day.
  • Puréed cooked vegetables And fruits 2-3 tbsp 2-3 times a day
  • Egg yolk at 6 months, hard boiled and mashed with water or vegetables.

8-9 months:
  • Iron fortified multiple grain baby cereals
  • Whole grain breads, pasta, rice 
  • Unsalted crackers, baby biscuits
  • Move to thicker Purées to minced or finely chopped soft meat, fish,  poultry, tofu, egg yolks
  • Soft mashed or bite sized and cooked vegetables and fruits
  • At nine months, start yogurt, cottage cheese or grated cheese.
  • If no family history of food allergies, may start with small amount of peanut butter or other types of nuts in food.
  • Finger foods.

12months and above :

  • Table foods, white eggs and honey.


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