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Empty Tissue Box Project / 2.5 year old craft project / Painting activity


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Items required:

  1. Empty tissue box
  2. Paint
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Cookie Cutter

  1. Provide the empty tissue box, paint, paint brush and cookie cutter to your kid.
  2. Allow your kid to choose the color she wants and her desired shaped cookie cutter. This helps enhance their decision making capabilities.
  3. Allow them to first paint on the empty tissue box on all sides. This helps them learn how to hold the box, how to paint the corners so it helps enhance their concentration, eye-hand coordination and its a great brain activity as well.
  4. Using the cookie cutter, they can dip in the paint and make some prints on the colorful tissue box.
  5. This activity really made my child happy and satisfied in the end.


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