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Painting Activity / Learning Counting via Painting / Learning Rainbow Colors Via Painting Activity


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I wanted to teach my 3.5 year old daughter some basics about rainbow and thought of doing it via her favorite activity which is painting. Painting is an activity which makes her sit in one place for sometime. So, I drew a rough picture of rainbow and asked her to color it. I asked her to paint each band with the rainbow colors and when she finished, I asked her to number each band. Writing down things registers better in our brain so when she wrote 7, I taught her that rainbow has 7 colors. Through this activity, she learnt the colors in a rainbow and number of colors as well. 

This activity also improves concentration. Since, we have to color such thin bands, this task helps improve control a child has in her fingers. 

I was extremely happy with the results of this activity. She liked it so much that she draws rainbow often and numbers the bands herself and tells me the colors and the number of colors a rainbow has :-) It felt like Mission Accomplished!


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