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Paper Octopus Project / Octopus from empty tissue roll /Empty Tissue Roll Project / Paper project for kids


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Making Octopus with the left over tissue roll is a great project for kids. Painting around the curvy surface of the tissue roll requires the child to hold the tissue roll in various angels, Using scissors to cut the tissue roll  and painting the face - all these activities are involved in this project and it helps improve concentration as well as eye-hand coordination and gives the child an immense sense of achievement. The smile on the little child's face at the end of this project is the biggest prize that a parent can get.

Step 1: Use water color of the child's choice to paint the left over tissue roll.
Step 2: Under adult supervision, using scissors, make 8 cuts with about 3 inch height from the bottom of the tissue roll. This represents the octopus tentacles.
Step 3: Using color pen to make the face - eyes, nose, mouth.
Step 4: Paper Octopus is ready. Enjoy!


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