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Cheese and Crackers with Roasted Bell Pepper Marmalade - Yummy Snack.


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This recipe is my sister's contribution. Thanks to her. She says "The other day, our local grocery store was selling fresh organic mini peppers. My friend and I bought a big lot and I made a few recipes. But some more were left out and so thought of making the roasted pepper marmalade. Its so easy to make and so yummy. I am sure you and your kids will love it. Hope you like it."

Ingredients for the snack:
  1. Homemade Roasted Pepper Marmalade
  2. Crackers (of your choice)
  3. Assorted Cheese (of your choice)
Ingredients for making Marmalade:
  1. Red Bell Pepper - 2 Big Size or 15-20 mini peppers. I used the mini peppers.
  2. Apple - 1 big size
  3. Sugar - 1/4 Cup
  4. Honey - 1 Cup (Adjust as per sweetness requirement)
  5. Lemon Zest - from 1 medium size lemon
  6. Lemon Juice - 4 Tsp
  7. Black Pepper Powder - 1/2 Tsp
Preparation Steps:
  1. Please click here for the recipe for making the marmalade.
  2. Serve this marmalade along with crackers and cheese for a yummy snack. 
  3. You could use this marmalade with bread or chips etc as well.


WOW, this is super tempting. :)

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