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Apple Puree for Babies / Apple Sauce for babies


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  • Apple.

Preparation Steps:

  • Wash the apple well.
  • Use an idly cooker/steamer to steam cook the apple.
  • Based on the size of the apple, the cooking time will differ. I used half of a medium sized apple and it took about 12 mins to fully steam cook it.
  • Cool the cooked apple to room temperature and peel it.
  • Grind to a fine puree in a mixer/blender. Adjust the consistency by adding water and grind finely.
  • Strain it if you feel necessary. I didn't do so for my child.
  • Apple sauce is ready to be served to your child.

Please note: Please consult your pediatrician and use your discretion as well before feeding your child. Do not blindly follow any recipe.


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