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What is this Ek Nayi League?


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Kapil Dev has been tweeting since a few weeks and his tweets have gone viral. It is about #EkNayiLeague. As of now, these are just three mere words to everyone because nobody knows what exactly it is. Everybody is just speculating based on a few short videos where Kapil Dev speaks mysteriously and asks us to follow his twitter feed for more details. This mystery has already cause enough publicity (good for them!). So, I being a part of this inquisitive world, also started thinking what this program is all about. I kept watching and watching these few videos and started speculating as well. But am desperately waiting for the launch day of this program "Ek Nayi League" eager to know the real face behind this mystery.

In a few videos, Kapil Dev talks about some personalities like Sania Mirza, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Tiger Woods and how he feels happy to see people being able to make money via sports. He talks about how Sania Mirza has become an idol for girls interested in sports and how she has brought fame to India all over the world. He also says how Tiger Woods makes a huge amount of money via sports. He talks about Yuvraj Singh who was offered a huge contract post his successful recovery from cancer. So, according to me, this #EkNayiLeague sounds like a game show where the participants can win lots of money like Kaun Banega Crorepati but in a much higher scale.

Kapil Dev insists that if decisions are made via heart then the participants would definitely lose this program. I strongly feel that when we are in an emotional state of mind, we should never take important decisions because those decisions might sound great for the current situation but will make us repent in the long term. So, I think, this game show is going to make the participants cry within because they might be asked to make some tough decisions where their heart would ask them to do something but they would be forced to decide with their head. Kapil Dev's picture above also shows him holding his finger to his head.

In another video he talks about never retiring so the participants could be retired sporting personnel and normal retired people. It could be a mix of these along with the younger generation. It could be about forming a team where the normal people from the younger generation have to pick the retired sporting personnel to make their team. So, maybe for this they have to think from their head who might help them win and cannot go by their heart yearning for their favourite personallel. He mentions Dev Anand so maybe some retired film personalities are also involved?

The show producers have chose Kapil Dev to the face of their show. Kapil Dev is known as Haryana Hurricane so am sure this show is supposed to cause the living effects of a hurricane and the end of the every episode of this show will leave the audience flabbergasted. We can already feel the hurricane coming as Kapil has caused enough mystery and stir among the masses. Kapil Dev is living his name!

Also, Kapil Dev has chosen to be a part of twitter before the launch of this program so the show might want the viewers to vote and participate in the show via twitter.

So, as I eagerly await for this program to launch, I hope the audience will get enough entertainment for this show via this living Legend. I wish them all the best!

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